Which brand of Silver Washing Machine would suit you the most?

Traditionally, washing machines were nearly all white or black in color. But with modern appliances, consumers now have a good choice of colors for their washing machines. Therefore, you can find a silver washing machine on sale in many stores that sell major appliances, or on online shopping sites.

find the best silver washing machine reviews guides on saleYou can find silver washing machines from many of the best appliance manufacturers in the world, such as LG, Hoover, Bush and Samsung.

But it is important to note that when you choose a washing machine, color and appearance aren’t the most important things. Sure, if you have silver appliances, a silver washing machine will fit in well with the existing home décor, but you also need an appliance that will do its job properly and that will be durable. The right washing machine can last well over a decade with minimal maintenance, so it is important to select one from a good brand. Avoid new or unknown brands that don’t have a history of quality. While their products may seem innovative and could be priced competitively, they have no track history of how well they have actually performed with consumers. You definitely don’t want a machine that will be giving you problems just a few months after you’ve purchased it, so stick to the best brands.

Best Silver Washing Machine Reviews Comparison Table

Beko WMB71442S 7kg 1400rpm Washing MachineCapacity 7 kilograms
Maximum Rotational Speed 1400 rpm
Voltage 240 volts
Energy Efficiency Class A++
Bosch WAQ2836SGB 8kg 1400 Spin Freestanding Bosch WAQ2836SGB 8kg 1400 Spin Freestanding Washing Machine In Silver-inox Stainless Steel
Energy Consumption: 179 kWh Energy Rating: A+++ Fill: Cold Fill Only££££4.8
Beko EcoSmart WMB81243LS 8Kg 1200 Spin Washing Machine in SilverBeko EcoSmart WMB81243LS 8Kg 1200 Spin Washing Machine in Silver
1200 RPM Spin Speed A+++ Energy Rating 8 Kg Wash Load 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty£££4.7
Indesit Innex XWD 71252 S Washing Machine - SilverIndesit Innex XWD 71252 S Washing Machine - SilverPush & Wash Technology Water Balance Technology Variable Temprature & Spin Fast Forward A++ Energy Rating£££5

Some models of washing machines have a good reputation for reliability, others not too much. You can read some silver washing machine reviews to see what others have thought about the model you are thinking of buying. Keep in mind that while a faulty machine can be repaired by a professional, repair costs for major appliances can sometimes be quite hefty. read some silver washing machine reviewsThis is why you will find many home owners who prefer to throw out their old appliances when they break and acquire new ones, instead of getting them repaired.

The size of the washing machine is one consideration that any buyer will need to keep in mind. Machines come is a lot of sizes, ranging from 5 kg to 10 kg. Obviously, the bigger the size, the more clothes you can wash at the same time. If you are single, you probably won’t need a large machine, but if you have a family with several children, a larger washing machine is advantageous. This bigger silver washing machine, like the LG Silver 8 KG 1200 Spin washing machine, will save you time when you do your laundry and will also save energy. Remember that washing one larger load uses less energy than washing several smaller loads. With energy prices rising, it may very well be worth it to purchase a bigger machine.

Speaking of energy efficiency, washing machines now all have a grade assigned from A to G. This doesn’t refer to the quality of the appliance itself, but rather how efficiently it uses water and electricity to fulfill its purpose. If you look at the best washing machines on sale today, you will see that they all have A+ or A ratings in this category.

Top 3 Silver Washing Machine Reviews

Beko WMB71442S 7kg 1400rpm Washing Machine

The Beko 7kg washing machine is a great choice if you’re on a tight budget right now. It costs much less than other machines with similar capabilities and still performs well.Beko Silver Washing Machine Reviews UK

With a load capacity of 7kg, this machine can handle a lot of clothes at one time. This minimizes how often you have to do the laundry, even if you have a few kids running around. The spin cycle maxes out at 1400 rotations per minute. That’s really fast- most machines top out at 1200 rpms. This faster speed allows the unit to expel most of the excess water before you throw your clothes into the dryer. This unit isn’t too big either. The dimensions are 54 x 60 x 85cm. This isn’t as tiny as a mini washing machine, but it is small enough to fit into smaller laundry rooms and spaces.

Overall, customers seem pretty happy with this unit. They said that it is quieter than machines they’ve had in the past, which is always a plus. Who wants to hear your washing machine cranking along? Customers also said that this unit was efficient and did a good job cleaning their clothes. Quiet and efficient- what else can you ask for in a washer?

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Samsung WF1114XBD/XEU EcoBubble 11kg 1400rpm Washing Machine in White

The Samsung kind of looks like a washing machine from outer space or something. Unfortunately it doesn’t have the greatest reviews in the world, but it isn’t the worst machine, either.Samsung Silver Washing Machines Best Reviews

This model includes what Samsung calls the “Ecobubble.” The idea is that you can now wash something at 15 degrees Celsius but get the same results as something washed at 40 degrees. This allows you to save a lot of energy- about 70%. The Ecobubble is largely what allows the unit to have an A++ energy rating. Even though most new washing machines seem to be A rated these days , it’s always nice to have one that exceeds the requirements. Samsung likes to promote safety, hence the Child Lock-Y that they’ve installed on this unit. It helps keep your child safe. You can’t really complain about that, right?

As mentioned earlier, most online reviews don’t have the greatest things to say about this unit. They said that even though the design is neat, the performance and reliability weren’t great. For example, one customer said that their unit died in 5 weeks. Another said it lasted 6 months and then went kaput. Note that not all customer reviews were bad. One person said that the model was a good value for the money and did a good job washing clothes. At least it’s good to know that some customers are enjoying their purchase, but just know that it isn’t everyone.

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Samsung WD806U4SAGD – 1400spin Washing Dryer, ecobubble, Diamond Drum, Ceramic Heater

Some companies make very good washing machines. Samsung is one of them, and their Samsung washing machine is no different. It has a few very nice features that make it easy to use, efficient and even safe.Samsung WD806U4SAG feature is the LED control system

This model comes with a safety feature called Child Lock-Y. Just as it sounds, it protects your child from hurting themselves by getting into the machine. Another feature is the LED control system. This makes it much easier to control than some competing washing machines. Even men who typically like to complain that washing clothes is too complicated can figure it out! The energy rating is A+++. This is good if you’re trying to help the environment or save money. It always makes you feel good to know that you’re helping out the rest of mankind, right? Finally, keep in mind that this is cold fill only. That’s how it has the high energy rating. You can’t have everything, right?

At this time there aren’t many online reviews for this washer. That said, there are only two left on the major shopping website we’re on, so it must be selling pretty well! As mentioned earlier, Samsung makes great products and has good customer service. You can rest assured that this unit will work fine and if for some reason you get a lemon, Samsung will help you quickly.

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