How long should the washing machine last?

Everyone who wishes to purchase a washing machine wants to know its life. Durability of each component in the machine plays an important role in its longevity. Moreover, how you maintain it and how you take service from it also matters. Same model may last for different period with different users.

Industry experts say that the top load machines have an average life span of 11 years while Front load machines last slightly lesser years.How long washing machine last Either washer or dryer breaks down in this period. Slight improvement in lifespan can be achieved by cleaning washer at least in a month. Avoid covering dryer’s outside exhaust while in use and always empty dryer’s lint screen every time after use. Use of high efficiency detergent is recommended because excess suds from poor quality detergents may cause some mechanical problem in machine.

Life span varies for domestic and commercial machines. Commercial washing machines are heavy duty machines. In general, many parts in washing machine are designed for certain washing cycles and after that, these are required to be changed. To reduce the cost of machine in competitive market, the manufacturers reduce the quality of these parts, so these are required to be replaced at frequent intervals. A budget washing machine if used for heavy load in a big family may not function adequately. Such machines may last for full life but will require frequent changes of worn out parts. It is advisable to buy heavy duty machines in a big family.

Manufacturers never want to manufacture washing machines which last long due to business compulsions. They have reduced the warranty period also, so it is very uneconomical to get repaired the machine after guarantee period. With use of advanced electronics, whole assemblies are required to be replaced instead of single part. These assemblies are costlier making it almost impossible to get the machine repaired being badly uneconomical. Buy a machine of proven life of 11 years or more. Lasting washing machineManufacturers of such machines should provide wide economical repairs along with sufficient warranty period and service facility.

Inference can be drawn that washing cycles designed for washing machines determine its life. Machines designed for cycle life 2000 to 2500 last longer. On an average, a machine can carry one load per day. So more is the designed cycle life of the machine more will be its life. Usage rate also decides the life of the machine. If the machine is used with higher frequency, it will collapse soon. So at the time of buying a machine also check its frequency according to family needs otherwise life may reduce.

If a low priced machine with inferior components is used twice or thrice in a day, it may collapse very soon in a year or two. Different washing machines have completely different textures required to carry different loads in washing. So study your own family requirements and then decide the frequency and washing cycles for your needs. This will help to get the correct specified washing machine for you to last long.