Bosch WAE24167GB Classixx 6kg 1200 rpm Freestanding Washing Machine White

This freestanding washing machine is stated to be a wonderful product that has been enjoying fabulous reviews and recommendations from its users. Bosch WAE24167GB Classixx 6kg 1200rpm Freestanding Washing Machine WhiteDesigned ergonomically, this white colored washing machine is great to look at and quite efficient in terms of washing. It has a total holding capacity of 6kg and comes with a spin speed of around 1200 RPM. Also, there are about 15 programme setting that allows the user to choose the one as desired for washing purpose.

All products coming from the leading manufacturer Bosch are termed to be of world class, designed to provide greater comfort and comfort to the users. This item weighs around 100 kg and has a dimension of 59 x 60 x 84.4 cm. The manufacturer offers a warranty for 12 months during which defects if noticed would be taken care of free of cost.

Other interesting features

It has an energy efficiency rating of A+++ which is nothing short of superb in terms of saving money on power. Also, the remaining moisture is 55%. It consumes energy of around 152 kwh / year and is known to have 220 standardized washing cycles at 60 degree Celsius for cotton programmes and at partial and full load at 40 degree Celsius. It also has low power consumption modes.

The actual energy consumption of this gadget entirely depends on its usage. Per year water consumption is just about 10372 liters which is indeed quite less for any standard washing machine helping to save the environment and precious water in the washing process.

Other essential information

This product can be connected to cold feed only. Also, is present a super quick wash type of program at a temperature of 30 degrees for just 15 minutes only. Bosch machines do have a wonderful reputation to be durable and to work perfectly for a long time, not requiring much repairing during its lifetime.

This machine is recommended to those who are looking for an ideal washing machine which comes with a reasonable price. Also, the noise made by this gadget is very low, which means, no one in the household would be disturbed during its functioning.