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Russell Hobbs RHWM612-M 6kg 1200 spin White Washing Machine

The RHWM612-M is the energy efficient machine which has been rated highly for ts performance. With the advancements in the washing machine the demand for it has increased greatly. Russell Hobbs Washing Machine ReviewThis machine has great capacity of 6 KG which means that it can hold around 30 T-shirts in the single time.

The machine has 8 programs which are impressive and which make the washing an easy task. This is the classic device which is the best machine for using at home. It has a plain white colour which can easily suit with the kitchen style and it also comes with the 8 different types of programs which makes it practical use for family.

This machine has 1200 spin capacity which means that most of the moisture is removed form the clothes in the machine itself. It proves to be beneficial in the rainy and winter seasons. It is the perfect machine for consistent cleaning and there is no cost to run this machine. This is the machine which has great temperature options and it has 6 Kg capacity which is Washing Machine Russell Hobbssuitable for families. It can easily wash 30 T-shirts at same time. So it is perfectly suitable for large families.


In terms of washing performance the machine has been rated “A”. The 8 programs in the machine help you to tailor the wash and you can perform them as per your specific laundry needs. The choosing of program is in your hands. It includes the quick and baby cycle. The quick wash is the ideal for small loads and quick washing. The machine comes with the safety lock which removes all the tensions and worries if there is child at your house.  It means that the child will not be able to open the washing machine on their own.

The machine comes with the overflow and foam protection and it also has the pause facility which allows stopping any cycle at any stage. It comes with 1 year warranty and you can also extend it by registering. This machine has covered all the areas and customer needs, which makes it a perfect and satisfactory device for all of us.

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DXC58BC3 A+++ 8KG 1500rpm Washing Machine in Black & Chrome & Delay Timer [Energy Class A+++]

Importance of washing machine

Washing machine has become an important part of any house.his DXC58BC3 is a sleek black washing machine from Hoover A washing machine is the one which simplifies a lot of work of yours and your family. Washing machines work on its own and the clothes get cleaned even better than they would be washed by hands. With the demand of washing machines, new inventions are being done in the device. New types of washing machine are being developed and they are developed such that the maximum work is done by machine and human interaction is least needed. This DXC58BC3 is the sleek and black colored washing machine.

Main features of the Hoover machine

This is the washing machine which is black and chrome colored with a sleek design. It is the machine from the Hoover appliances and it contains all the features and benefits which can satisfy the needs of the large family. It is available at very low price. The washing machine has the 8 kg drum which means that the machine can occupy huge number of clothes. The drum has the large porthole which has an opening for the loading and unloading of the clothes. The machine contains number of handy programs which makes it easy to it.

The multitude of programs is in hand and the wash cycle is much more intensive as compared to other machines. It is easily able to wash the stained clothes even the dirtiest ones can also be easily removed in this machine. The drum moves with the 1500 rpm speed which means that the clothes will come out with least amount of moisture and it improves the drying process. This is the beneficial thing on the rainy days. The energy consumption of the machine is 252 kWh and it is rated good for that. The machine comes with the 10 years parts guarantee and 1 year labor guarantee.

As per the reviews of customer this washing machine has great benefits and no problems have been found till now. So it is the recommended washing machine especially for large families. Get you work done at lowest cost and with the latest technology.

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Russell Hobbs RHWM612B-M 6kg 1200 spin Black Washing Machine

This well-known washing machine fits perfectly in any home. Its stylish design will adapt to any kitchen style, and it’s equipped with totally 8 different washing programs, ussell Hobbs RHWM612B washing machine reviewswhich make it very practical to any family.

With its 1200 spinning speed and an impressive A+ for energy it strictly deserves an A rating for the washing performance. Let’s take a look at this Russell Hobbs washing machine technical specification:

  • Maximum washing capacity: 6kg
  • Spinning performance: B
  • Maximum spin speed: 1200rpm
  • Cold fill
  • Washing performance: A

Dimensions of this specific model are as follow:

(H) 85 x (W) 59.5 x (D) 47 cm’s.

The product comes with 1 year free warranty with a possibility to extend it into Washing Performance: A2 years upon the registration with Product Care via

Based on the feedback we received from the users, overall this is a great machine, it’s very quiet and the clothes come out clean with very little moisture due to decent wash spin. It has 8 different programs, depending on what your needs are you can choose a faster wash with a program such as “Baby wear” and it only takes 50 min to finish the cycle, and the cloths come out comparably well-washed. There is also cold wash option available and it takes around 18 minutes plus some time to spin to get the water out, so it’s another option available for you depending on your needs. The only trouble it might give is the time you have wait until everything is finished, but if you do 1 laundry a day this should not bother you at all. To sum up the price of around £200 it is definitely reasonable for this machine, and it is worth a try.

Bosch WAE24167GB Classixx 6kg 1200rpm Freestanding Washing Machine White

Russell Hobbs is a popular brand name in the market and consumers are known to have a penchant for its products. Russell Hobbs RHWM612-M 6kg 1200 spin White Washing MachineThe latest Russell Hobbs RHWM612-M 6kg 1200 spin White Washing Machine is termed to be a fabulous device that comes with several interesting features. Its USP according to its manufacturer is the 2 year warranty that is provided on it, thereby ensuring that buyers can be free from worries related to any defects or issues faced with the machine, if any, during the warranty period.

Its salient features

This best branded washing machine comes with A+ energy efficiency performance rating, which means less power consumption during operation and more savings. It enjoys ‘A’ efficient washing performance. The maximum washing capacity on this machine is 6 kg. This effectively means that it has a holding capability of about 30 T-shirts or just a single duvet. There are provided in it eight different programs, which includes quick wash facility.

Other aspects to consider

The available color of this model is sparkling white, which is great for the eyes. The product has been designed ergonomically, so that it can be kept just about anywhere in the house, Maximum Washing Capacity: 6KG
with great ease. It has a total shipping weight of about 81 kg. and was launched in early 2014.

This machine has a spin rate of around 1200 RPM. When performance is concerned, this is the undoubtedly the perfect washing machine for any home. Its white color can perfectly suit and complement any kitchen style with great ease and users can find the eight different programmes to be just practical for using it, whenever desired. It does help the user to have the wash customized according to the particular laundry requirements. It includes woolen, baby cycle, etc. If time is of essence, then quick wash function provided in it can prove to be an ideal and time saving solution. It offers consistent cleaning and also does not cost a fortune to operate. Variable temperature options are provided in this machine making it suitable for washing all types of clothes.

It has cold fill facility and offers an ‘A’ grade washing performance and B grade spinning performance.

Bosch WAE24167GB Classixx 6kg 1200 rpm Freestanding Washing Machine White

This freestanding washing machine is stated to be a wonderful product that has been enjoying fabulous reviews and recommendations from its users. Bosch WAE24167GB Classixx 6kg 1200rpm Freestanding Washing Machine WhiteDesigned ergonomically, this white colored washing machine is great to look at and quite efficient in terms of washing. It has a total holding capacity of 6kg and comes with a spin speed of around 1200 RPM. Also, there are about 15 programme setting that allows the user to choose the one as desired for washing purpose.

All products coming from the leading manufacturer Bosch are termed to be of world class, designed to provide greater comfort and comfort to the users. This item weighs around 100 kg and has a dimension of 59 x 60 x 84.4 cm. The manufacturer offers a warranty for 12 months during which defects if noticed would be taken care of free of cost.

Other interesting features

It has an energy efficiency rating of A+++ which is nothing short of superb in terms of saving money on power. Also, the remaining moisture is 55%. It consumes energy of around 152 kwh / year and is known to have 220 standardized washing cycles at 60 degree Celsius for cotton programmes and at partial and full load at 40 degree Celsius. It also has low power consumption modes.

The actual energy consumption of this gadget entirely depends on its usage. Per year water consumption is just about 10372 liters which is indeed quite less for any standard washing machine helping to save the environment and precious water in the washing process.

Other essential information

This product can be connected to cold feed only. Also, is present a super quick wash type of program at a temperature of 30 degrees for just 15 minutes only. Bosch machines do have a wonderful reputation to be durable and to work perfectly for a long time, not requiring much repairing during its lifetime.

This machine is recommended to those who are looking for an ideal washing machine which comes with a reasonable price. Also, the noise made by this gadget is very low, which means, no one in the household would be disturbed during its functioning.

White Knight WM105VB 5kg 1000rpm Freestanding Washing Machine Black

This White Knight WM105VB washing machine will defiantly not complicate your life while using it. To compare with other hard to use washing machines with hundreds of different features,White Knight WM105VB 5kg 1000rpm Freestanding Washing Machine Black this one will wash your dirty clothes in a blink of an eye. It is very easy to operate and it does not look like an aircraft cockpit. In comparison with other washing machines such as Samsung Eco-Bubble, which is made of good quality, however this model is a bit noisier when it spins.

White Knight it is not a very popular brand and not many people have used it before therefore it is possible to hesitate before the purchase. The thing is the most popular brands such as Samsung, Beko or Panasonic are made of similar quality as the White Knight, however they are much more expensive.

Key features:

  • Spin Speed – up to 1000rpm
  • Capacity –up to 5 kilograms
  • Rate – A
  • It has the adjustable legs
  • Equipped with an Automatic Detergent Dispense

After testing the washing machine we have discovered that it is extremely quiet while running, even when it is spinning, so it is possible to run the washing machine during the night and it will not disturb your sleep, or upset the neighbors. As mention before it is much quieter than the Samsung Eco-bubble model and it has much neater design, Spin Speed - 1000rpmit does not sand out in the room from other kitchen appliances, it fits ideally beneath the kitchen cabinets.

One you order this machine from Amazon though our website, most likely you will have to install it yourself. However do not worry as the manual that come with the washing machine is very straight forward and it will explain you how to do it. Remember that when you start to connect the machine the house’s water main is turned off first, so will not have to worry that you might have flooded the place. Honestly the entire processes should not take longer than one hour if follow instructions correctly.

To sum up this a great washing machine with not a very complicated design perfectly made for you kitchen.

Russell Hobbs RH1042 5Kg Washing Machine

This Russell Hobbs washing machine is equipped with the 1000 spin speed per minute andRussell Hobbs RH1042 5Kg Washing Machine Reviews an impressive A+ energy consumption rating. It has been given A for a washing performance, helping you to achieve perfect consistent cleaning at a reasonable price.

It comes with the 5 kg loading capacity; however it does not let you regulate the spin speed. It is perfect for the family use, as it can fit approximately around 25 cotton T-shirts at one wash.

Let’s take a look at some Russell Hobbs RH1042 5kg Washing Machine main features:

  • Maximum and set spin speed of 1000 rpm
  • Washing performance rated as an ABest washing machine Russell Hobbs Reviews
  • It comes only with a cold fill
  • Maximum capacity is set for 5kg
  • Dimensions are as follow: height 84.5 x width 59.7 x depth 49.7
  • It features 15 different washing programmes
  • Safety lock programme
  • Comes with an adjustable feet

This is a great washing machine that will last good years before you will replace it. The delivery of the product is very efficient and the ordered item came 3 days after placing the order. It is very simple to use and it fits all the clothes we tried so far. After the wash cloths seem to come out separately not all lumped together, which is a very good thing for those who do not really like to iron their clothes. We would definitely recommend this washing machine as it is worth its price.